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$85 Fall Furnace Tune-up
Includes Carbon Monoxide Check
and New Standard Air Filter
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FREE Trane CleanEffects™ with a 95% Efficient Trane Furnace
Give your family the gift of clean air this Holiday Season!
Trane Complete High-Efficiency Comfort System
Did you know?
We want the air in your home to be cleaner. The air inside your home can be up to 5 times more polluted than the air outside. Nearly 72 trillion particles enter the home every day. Most homes generate around 40 pounds of dust each year...dust that remains trapped in the home. One ounce of dust can contain up to 40,000 dust mites; one of the most common causes of household allergens.

So Why a Trane CleanEffects™?
• The CleanEffects™ removes up to 99.98% of all airborne allergens in your home’s air!
• Traps particles down to .1 microns in size...100 times smaller than a human hair!
• By passing cleaner air through your furnace, a CleanEffects™ will help to maintain the efficiency of your comfort system over time!
• Can reduce your need to dust over 50%!

Offer Expires December 31st
FREE Trane CleanEffects™
Trane: Operation "Heat A Home"
Lamphear Trane Furnace Donation In combination with the Trane Food Drive, Lamphear Service Company will be donating a Trane furnace to a family in need. Submit a nominee of a family in need of a new furnace this winter and tell us their story. Based on your submissions, the furnace will be donated in the name of the person or organization (school, church, business, etc.) that donates the largest amount of food during the food drive. Each family will be notified on Christmas Eve Day, December 24th. Submit Your Nominee!

Trane Food Drive 2012 - West Michigan
Trane Food Drive 2012 - West Michigan On Friday, December 14th, Lamphear Service Company will be participating in a Trane Food Drive to help feed the hungry this Holiday Season. You may bring donations in the form on non-persishable food OR every dollar of cash will equal 1lb of food. We will be taking donations here at our office, and then during the live event on December 14th.. Lamphear Service Company will be donating all food and proceeds to Dégagé Ministries in Grand Rapids. Please make checks payable to Dégagé Ministries..
5805 Weller Ct., Suite C | Grand Rapids, MI
(616) 540-3873
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Dégagé Ministries
Dégagé Ministries Since 1967, Dégagé Ministries has served as the primary community center for homeless and low-income individuals in Grand Rapids. Serving 400-500 individuals daily, Dégagé Ministries offers help and hope to homeless and disadvantaged individuals in our community. Often, it is the simplest of gestures that brings the most powerful results.
141 Division Avenue | Grand Rapids, MI
(616) 454-1661
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Trane ComfortLink™ II Thermostat with FREE Remote Access
Now you can manage the comfort in your home from the convenience of anywhere!
This is not just a thermostat. It's an energy command center! Trane ComfortLink™ II is an easy-to-use, programmable control that gives you remote access, live weather and more, all on a beautiful high-definition color touch-screen display.

Gain greater control over humidity, system run-time,energy savings, and overall air quality. Not only does the ComfortLink™ II monitor indoor and outdoor temperatures so you can adjust your system to be energy-efficient, but it also tells you when it’s time to change a filter or schedule routine maintenance.

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